These are some of my favourite places.

Great glass sites.

World News sites

Sterling and Silver Flatware

Lighting sites

Antique shops

Antique and Collectibles publications

Interior Design

 Real Estate

And just wonderful places to see.

And a place to visit daily?

You could make a difference. If you have a minute to spare take a moment to visit the site below. It will be worth your time.

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Here are a few good sources for up to the minute news of the world.



Glass Line Magazine

Silver and Sterling flatware

The place to buy silver on the net!


Karlucci Studios



Modern Lighting

Unique New lighting range...Free blown recycled glass environmentally friendly.....all items are hand produced...



Jane Mitchell Antiques




Antique and Collectible Publications.


Journal of Antiques and Collectibles


Maine Antique Digest


Real Estate


Other Places of Interest

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the antique & collectible exchange

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